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The Barony of Mag Mor invites you to rejoice with our Raiders! Drink to our Deeds! Sing with our Skalds! The Allfather smiles on our prowess during our…


Come and join in the celebration and merrymaking with us! Our… trading expeditions… have been successful, and we have much to share! Tyr was with us in battle, and we took much from our foes, both gift from Freyr and things that shine like Sif’s hair.

Come and fight in our hólmganga, shoot monsters at the range, such as trolls, Jotun, draugr, or Jǫrmungandr the world serpent! Let stature not stop you! All ages are welcome to test the strength of their bow arm! Our younger members are also invited to test themselves in a competition of the arts!

Our kitchens have been working hard. Come and sit in our great hall with the Konungr for the great feast! I hear our Skalds have been sipping at Kvasir’s lifeblood!

And when Nótt rides into the sky on her great steed Hrímfaxi, sit by our fires and sing and speak and tell the greatest of tales!

Lo, there do I see my father…

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